Michelle Christo Kusnadi is a member of JKT48's Team J.

Bagaikan mutiara di dasar laut, melalui keunikanku Aku akan diam didasar hati kalian. Halo! Nama saya Michelle.
(I am a pearl from deep ocean. With my uniqueness, I will stay in the deepest of your heart. Hello, my name is Michelle.)

Name in Japanese: ミシェル・クリスト・クスナディ
Nickname in Japanese: ミシェル
Special ability: Singing, learning lyrics quickly
Favorite phrase: “You must work harder than other people to get what you want”
Favorite country: Japan
However, she isn't fluent in Japanese
She loves manga
Her oshimen is Kojima Haruna
Failed JKT48's 2nd Generation Auditions
She plays School Idol Festival (Idol Anime Game)
Was close with former member Andela Yuwono
Was one of the "The Rempong" with Aninditha Rahma Cahyadi, Stephanie Pricilla Indarto Putri, and Martha Graciela
Was one of the original aces of JKT48 3rd Generation along with former members Milenia Christien Glory Goenawan and Andela Yuwono
Known easy to sleep anywhere anytime
Former Team T Center until her transfer to Team J

JKT48 Senbatsu Elections
1st Senbatsu Election - Not Ranked
2nd Senbatsu Election - #20 (Undergirls)
3rd Senbatsu Election - #12 (Senbatsu)
4th Senbatsu Election - #13 (Senbatsu)

JKT48 Janken Tournaments
1st Janken Competition - Round 2 (Lost to Gabriela Margareth Warouw)

Team History
JKT48 Trainee → Team T → Team J
Joined JKT48 as a Trainee on March 15, 2014
Promoted to Team T on January 24, 2015 (Team T Formation)
Transferred to Team J on September 11, 2016 (JKT48 1st Grand Team Shuffle)
Michelle Christo Kusnadi

Michelle Christo Kusnadi (2016)
Birth Info
BirthdateOctober 28, 1999
BirthplaceJakarta, Indonesia
Blood TypeO
Current Age17 Years Old
Professional Info
AgencyJKT48 Project
Social NetworksGoogle+ / Instagram / Twitter
Idol Career Info
TeamTeam J
DebutedMarch, 2014 / 3rd Generation


Michelle - JKT48 SSK 2017.jpg

Michelle Christo Kusnadi JKT48 4th Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster (2017)

Michelle Christo Kusnadi (2015)
Michelle christo kusnadi.jpg
Michelle Christo Kusnadi (Late 2014)
Michelle christo finalist.jpg
Michelle Christo Kusnadi (Audition Finalist) (Early 2014)


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